Register / Log In

If you are charging at a mycity charging station for the first time, please scan the QR code or access Enter your details at the Log In menu and finalize the registration process by clicking on the link that you will receive via E-mail. 

Once registered you can start charging via your smartphone. Scan the QR code again and you will be directed to the right charging station, or select the relevant charging station on the map. Select “Charge”, Log in to your account and start the charging session 

For all follow-up charging sessions just scan the QR code again or access When the relevant charging station is selected, just Log in and start charging

Connecting your car

Plug the selected cable in the socket of your car until it is locked. 


Push the START button via your smartphone. The charging session starts when the green LED light flashes. 


To stop the charging session, push the STOP button via your smartphone. Remove the charging cable and put it back into place. Please leave the charging slot within 15 minutes of completing the charging session to free it for other users. 

Important Information

  • Some car types require lock out of the central locking system to start charging. Opening the car door can also cause termination of the charging session.
  • If your car is charged with CHAdeMO plug you can’t use the CCS plug and vice versa.
  • Identification and security check between your car and the charging station might take up to 30 seconds. 
  • INCIDENTS: If a red flashing light shows on the charging station please call the service hotline on 0800 58 90 275.
  • If the charging session cannot be stopped via your smartphone (e.g. in case of interrupted mobile network) you can unlock the CCS and Type 2 plugs via your car to stop charging. In case of locked CHAdeMo plug or Type 2 socket please contact our service center on 0800 58 90 275.


In case of questions or incidents please contact our service center on 0800 58 90 275. If you don’t have your smartphone available and want to charge your car, please contact our service center who can unblock the charging station for your convenience. 


You can download the charging manual as PDF file here